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from 100+ students


Learn through an interactive style that utilises technology.


A style of teaching that hits home! Customised for the student.

Professional mentors

Professionals in the field with 6+ years of experience.

First of our kind

We are the first of our kind, a fully digital Arabic online course.

Our story

Established in 2016 to stregthen the Arabic identity in our youth.

My Arabic is a nonprofit organisation established in 2016 in order to stregthen the Arabic identity in our youth. We aim to do this by providing Arabic classes and resources that are accessible to everyone. We believe that by teaching the Arabic language, we can help to preserve our heritage and culture.

Our Classes

Hyper Focused, Micro-Class Environment

arab girl having online lesson education using laptop. kid learning to draw with teacher online

Online Arabic Classes for Children

We offer Arabic classes for children begining from the ages of 4+ and a great online library of interactive books and excercises.

Pensive Afro american man sits at desk at home, watches online video class or webinar on computer

Online Arabic Classes for Adults

We offer Arabic classes for adults looking to learn or strengthen their Arabic skills. Finally, an Arabic bootcamp for your needs!

Reasons to Choose My Arabic 

Why learn online with My Arabic?


Best Teachers From Around The World

We have highly qualified teachers trained specifically in our Somaia Framework Curriculum to ensure the highest quality of learning.


Interactive, Intuitive & Fun – A Modern Curriculum

We have specially developed the Somaia Curriculum with a phonetic based learning approach in mind.


300+ Students

We’ve taught over 300 children Arabic and our awesome students & parents have all seen some AMAZING results!


A Hyper-Focused Micro-Class Environment

Our classes are formed of 15 students tops, to ensure high quality time spent on the individual student


Study at Your Own Pace

Homework and assignments will be given out weekly, so you get to solve the excercises in your free time and study at you own pace. 


Global Growing Community

We are creating a global Arabic community made up of students and parents alike. You can chat and discuss thousands of ideas and ask for support from like-minded individuals. 


Join Our Global Community

Our global community of students, parents, and educators are passionate about making Arabic learning fun and engaging. We believe that every child has the potential to succeed in Arabic, and we are committed to helping them reach their fullest potential.

Family friendly pricing

Choose Your Pricing Plan

For Adult Classes

The cost of enrolling one children in our course.

470 / Year
  • 1000+ online books
  • Focus class of 14
  • 16 Week Intensive Bootcamp
  • Interactive teaching methods

One Child

The cost of enrolling one children in our course.

275 / Year
  • 1000+ online books
  • Focus class of 14 kids
  • 39 week course
  • Interactive teaching methods

Two+ Children

Please contact us for the prices about enrolling more than one child.

XXX / Year
  • 1000+ online books
  • Focus class of 14 kids
  • 39 weeks
  • Interactive teaching methods


What Student Say About Us

The fun-filled teaching style and playing contributed a lot to attracting my son's interest and thereby increasing his interest in learning the Arabic language, as well as the reading platform that made him want to read constantly in order to compete with his friends, collect stars and play new games. As for us, we really liked the style of teaching, where the information is repeated in every lesson so that the child understands it and remembers it without feeling pressure, in addition to the interactive games that made our child study with fun and wait patiently for the lessons, and therefore I love the Arabic language more and increase his interest in learning it.

Om Hamze Parent

The school is at the top of respect and appreciation, and all thanks to all the teaching staff 🌹 the best at the level of Denmark... As for the teachers' style at the top of the show, we will follow you, God willing. I wish you a happy summer holiday 😊🌹

Ramia Fares Parent

Excellent school. It has developed from educational methods to reach the different levels of comprehension of students, to make it easier for them to learn and love the Arabic language and to erase any fear or dread of the difficulty of learning reading, writing and spelling in a stimulating and reassuring manner. May Allah reward you with all the best for us and our children and grant you payment and success, God willing.. Special thanks to teacher Rola for her classy and capable style at the same time and her constant encouragement to learn gently

Noha Farouq Fawaz Parent

Masha Allah, an excellent school that aims to teach the Arabic language in a smooth and varied manner through its distinguished electronic curriculum. Qualified teachers and clear cooperation between them and the parents. The school is distinguished by dividing classes based on the level of the student and is followed up by the teacher. The student gets a varied weekly class (dictation, reading, writing, solving exercises, purposeful play, motor activity, short breaks), which removes boredom from the educational session and attracts the student more. My children are also happy to read the various stories about the platform. We thank the school administrators and wish them to continue in the same distinguished approach

Hanaa El Chamma Parent

    A modern curriculum

    The Somaia Framework

    Global Arabic community

    Global Arabic community

    It's important for us to create a Global Arabic community that allows people from all

    Interactive teaching

    Interactive teaching

    Interactively teaching Arabic is an educational approach that involves children in the learning process through



    Reading has many benefits for children, and one of those benefits is that it can

    Word structure

    Word structure

    Arabic word structure is a bit more complex than English word structure. In Arabic, nouns

    Letter Breakdown

    Letter Breakdown

    When teaching writing and reading in Arabic, we break the letters down to their initial,

    Phonetic Learning

    Phonetic Learning

    When teaching children Arabic, phonetics can be a helpful tool. Using a phonetic approach, you


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can enroll into our curriculum by contacting us through the sign-up page. After which we will be assesing your application and sending in some requirements. 

    Homework is given out once a week. After each lesson, the children will get homework due before the upcoming class. Homework is also regularly assessed to ensure all students are following.

    The parent's role is vital. We treat parent's as our partner's in the learning process. The more support we get from the parents, the child's development accelerates spectacularly. We Have certain conditions that the parents of our students must uphold if they want to see results.

    At My Arabic, we love results. On average, parents can start noticing linguistic improvement at around 2-3 months. But it's important to remember that each child has their processes as long as children attend the weekly lessons and do homework. The rest comes naturally.