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How we started a one of a kind Arabic learning platform! 🥳

We have been helping hundreds of parents. We’d love to share how our school has grown from a small local school to a now international online school! If you’ve got some time, we’d love to tell you more about our story.

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About Us

Our beliefs. Learn more about who we are.


A new way to teach Arabic

Unfortunately, most Arabic teaching methods are old school and don’t correctly engage students’ brains as they should. We’ve identified that the lack of engagement and interactivity in the classes presents a hurdle in the child’s education processes. We want to make learning fun and engaging. We aim for a level of teaching that will excite kids, however challenging that goal is. On average most European children get exposed to at least three languages at home. Due to the media, English is becoming more dominant, and many kids prefer using it. In such a world and age, it’s not enough for our kids to learn Arabic passively. It’s time to teach our children about Arabic principles and morals actively.

My Arabic Online

Our Transition to Online Schooling.

Suddenly, the whole world was facing a pandemic. We didn’t think too seriously of the problem in the beginning. But, unfortunately the restrictions became harder and more complex, and our rent was also getting more expensive. We had to close down our physical school

However, we started testing online classes, and we loved the reported results. For a long time, people in other cities in Denmark and other countries were asking us to branch out. We suddenly had the resources to do so. All we needed? Laptops.

We can now proudly say we have students in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the UK. Thankfully reached the hundreds of children who were unable to help previously. Before, we were at maximum capacity with our 120 students, but right now… We have over 200

We are still working on opening a physical school once we get back on our feet. But for now, we are delighted with our accomplishments.


Join Our Global Community

Our global community of students, parents, and educators are passionate about making Arabic learning fun and engaging. We believe that every child has the potential to succeed in Arabic, and we are committed to helping them reach their fullest potential.

Our Teachers

Meet The Professionals

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Co-Founder & Teacher

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can enroll into our curriculum by contacting us through the sign-up page. After which we will be assesing your application and sending in some requirements. 

Homework is given out once a week. After each lesson, the children will get homework due before the upcoming class. Homework is also regularly assessed to ensure all students are following.

The parent's role is vital. We treat parent's as our partner's in the learning process. The more support we get from the parents, the child's development accelerates spectacularly. We Have certain conditions that the parents of our students must uphold if they want to see results.

At My Arabic, we love results. On average, parents can start noticing linguistic improvement at around 2-3 months. But it's important to remember that each child has their processes as long as children attend the weekly lessons and do homework. The rest comes naturally.


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You are welcome to contact us us in case you need any clarifications.


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