Interactive teaching

October 29, 2022

Learn Arabic in an interactive teaching way according to the principles of pronunciation and the use of technology

We offer a fun and interactive Arabic learning experience based on the principles of correct pronunciation and the use of technology. We believe that learning Arabic should be interesting and fun, so we offer a range of interactive tools and resources that help you better understand vocabulary and grammar.

We use technology to provide a modern and advanced learning platform that combines interactive lessons, diverse educational materials, and personal training exercises. You can benefit from smart phone applications and innovative programs that help you practice your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in an effective way.

We aim to provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment that makes learning Arabic interesting and entertaining. We encourage interaction among learners and provide opportunities for hands-on practice and interaction with language content in innovative ways.

Get ready to discover a new world of learning Arabic in an innovative and fun way, and use technology to enhance your skills and make your progress faster. We are here to help you on your Arabic learning journey and achieve your goals with confidence and ease.


I’m Ahmad El-Saadi, the man behind the magic as the operations manager at My Arabic. I work closely with the founders to create kick-ass programs for bilingual peeps to learn Arabic through phonetics. When I’m not creating the next big thing, you can find me chillin’ and thinking about how I can make the world better through language education. Stay tuned for my blog posts, where I’ll discuss all things Arabic and give you a glimpse into my world.

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My Arabic’s mission is to make Arabic easy, fun & accessible for everyone