Arabic Classes For Children


Discover the joy of learning Arabic for your child with our comprehensive online classes, now available in Aarhus! Our phonology-based approach ensures accurate pronunciation while experienced instructors guide your child through grammar, vocabulary, and more. With micro classes of 15 students over 39 weeks, interactive resources, and access to over 2000 online books, your child will thrive in a fun and engaging environment. From mastering the Arabic alphabet to reading stories and interactive exercises, our classes offer a holistic learning experience. Sign up now to give your child the gift of language proficiency with professional instructors and a vibrant global community.

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Arabic Classes For Children Online and in Aarhus (2024-2025)

Learning Arabic online has never been easier! With our comprehensive Arabic course, you will be able to learn the language quickly and efficiently. Our phonology-based approach ensures that you will be able to pronounce the words correctly, and our experienced instructors will help you to master the grammar and vocabulary.

Your child will be put into a joyous environment where Arabic will be made fun & easy to learn.

  • Micro Class of 15 Students
  • 39 Weeks
  • 2000+ Online Books
  • Interactive resources and

Skills you will get with this class

  • Learning the Arabic alphabet through Phonology
  • How to different diacritics sound (Fatha, Dhama, Kasra, Sukoon)
  • The teachers will begin introducing advanced vocabulary to the children. (Depends on level)
  • How to combine the different letters to form words.
  • Reading words, sentences and stories. Interactive exercises.

Sign up to teach your children Arabic

  • Teach your child Arabic with professional teachers, who specialize in teaching Arabic to non-native/bilingual children.
  • Gain Accesses to online library with over 2000+ interactive books for your children to read.
  • Join classes made up of 14 kids around the world.
  • Weekly homework for your kids, and tests to keep up with progression.

Additional information

Where you want to register

Learn Online, School (Aarhus Denmark)

Number of children

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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